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5 Ways To Make Moving Furniture Easier

5 Ways To Make Moving Furniture Easier

19 August 2014

When you are moving house, the task that will probably take up the most of your thoughts will usually be based around moving furniture. If you are doing a smaller move, or cannot afford to pay for a full scale removals company, then the likelihood is that you will be wanting to move stuff on your own, which is often quite a lot harder than one would initially imagine. We have a few pointers as to how to make moving furniture easier if you are not very experienced, but these should only be used to aide you, and do not qualify anyone who is not capable physically, to move heavy items.

1. First of all, you should make sure that you know exactly how to do everything safely. It is imperative that you are not injured whilst moving things, as the injuries commonly associated with lifting things are usually long lasting plains in the back, knees or neck that will cause issues for a long time after the move, sometimes even carrying on as problems throughout your life. Safety when lifting is fairly simple and revolves around using your knees rather than the back to lift, but you should look up a full set of instructions to make sure that you avoid injury at all costs. With this in mind, make sure that you are lifting your furniture with the help of others; it doesn’t matter how strong or safe you are, there is no chance that you can lift a sofa on your own, as the size will prevent you.

2. Take things slowly. You will likely want to get the whole thing over and done with, but rushing your move will only result in damage and accidents, either to your property, items or yourself! going slow will mean you have more time to plan each move, to ensure that you are doing things correctly each time, and that you are not risking any difficulties or damage.

3. Know your limits. it is easy to get a bit ego centric when lifting things, especially when you are doing it with another person, however, there is nothing embarrassing about needing to put something down for a minute, or take a breather. In fact, doing this will mean that you are much less likely to fall or drop something, as you will be able to reduce the length that you are putting yourself under strain.

4. Protect your items. Even if you are being particularly careful, you will likely knock the walls or door frames and bannisters. In order to reduce the damage caused by this, you should protect the corners of larger items with cardboard or bubble wrap. It is extremely important that you reduce the amount of hard wood or metal that comes into contact with paint or plaster work, as this can cause deep gouges or marks that will cost a fair amount to repair.

5. Use the correct tools and equipment to ensure that you are best equipped to deal with any situation. Having a sack barrow on hand to move angular objects will make everything a lot quicker, as you can often move larger things on your own this way. You can also find that matting and extra card or hard board are extremely useful for temporarily protecting either the item or the house. When trying to get a large piece of furniture through a tight space, you can reduce the rub between the two with that thin bit of card, and save you having to pay for the redecoration of the hallway!

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