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Advice from House Movers UK for Shifting to a Smaller Home

Advice from House Movers UK for Shifting to a Smaller Home

19 August 2014

Moving to a smaller home is not necessarily a bad thing. In this economy, it can be a very practical and beneficial decision to make. If you are used to living in a bigger home, it can take some time and effort to adjust to the change and get used to the new place, but you need to stay positive and realise just how much easier to manage and more affordable a smaller house is. Here is some advice on how you can make the transition to a smaller home without much trouble.

The first thing you need to do is revaluate what you should take with you to the new house and what you should discard. Since the new home will not have as much space as your current place, you will probably need to downsize the number of things you own. Don’t look at it as a negative thing: this can be a much-needed chance to de-clutter your life and be free of things that you don’t need. It is a fantastic opportunity to get rid of all the extra things that you have managed to pile up over the years. You probably know that a lot of these aren’t necessary and have outlived their purpose. Start by making an inventory of everything you own and divide things into categories of priority items and things that can be done away with.

The next thing to do is make arrangements in the new house to maximise the space. This means that you might have to come up with imaginative ways to use the space that you have. From storage ideas to smart planning and organising, a lot can be done to use seemingly limited space to store tonnes of things! If you want, you can have shelves attached, have storage units and racks built and you can even get readymade storage items such as hanging racks and foldable shelves. You need to do this before you shift so that once you have moved into the new house, everything is in place as it should be and you can start unpacking your belongings.

Even after you move into the new house there are a lot of ways to make the transition smoother and make sure the sudden reduction in space doesn’t overwhelm you. Take a moment to understand that the change isn’t going to be easy to absorb overnight. You need to facilitate the adaption and the only way to do so is one day at a time.

One thing that can make this easier is to unpack wisely. It is but natural to want to get everything unpacked as quickly as possible and resume a normal routine as soon as you can, but when the new house is smaller, you should take things slow and unpack as you need things. This will give you more time to get used to the space and also devise ways to make the most of it. Instead of unpacking every box that you have, only take out things that are essential for day-to-day life. Unpack and organise the essential rooms first: the bathroom and the kitchen. Then slowly, as you settle into the new house, see what things should be arranged onto the shelves etc. and what can be left in the boxes for a while. Making a detailed inventory and labelling boxes before you pack really helps in this regard because you’ll know exactly where every item is and can unpack accordingly.

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