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Getting yourself Settled after a Move - Chill out and Relax

Getting yourself Settled after a Move - Chill out and Relax

19 August 2014

At this point, I think we’re all familiar with the stressful nature of moving. There’s so much to be done – everything has to be planned in advance; you have to make a list of everything you’re taking, get all of the packing materials together, arrange the transport, work out a driving schedule and plan a route. You’ve got to make sure you’ve got the keys to your new place, (and that whoever’s handling the sale of your house has yours). Not to mention that all of the loose ends have to be tied up…

I think you get the point. Stress is prominent in this equation. Whether it be work related or emotional. It’s for these reasons that, once you’ve arrived at your new place, you should probably take it easy and chill out. Of course, there’s still things to be done, like the unpacking and school arrangements, but still, there are steps you can take to ease yourself into your new environment;

Make sure you move at a suitable time

The most important part of ensuring a calm moving environment is to only move when it’s most appropriate. Moving when everyone’s off work and school is usually a good place to start; if your family and friends don’t have other commitments, they can lend a hand with the move. Doing spreads the workload around, making the moving process quicker and easier. If everyone’s off work, that also means you don’t have to rush anything. There’s time to have a sit down and a cup of orange juice inbetween and after jobs.

Temperature is an issue too. If you or people who will be helping are sensitive to heat or cold, then moving during a hot summer or cold winter doesn’t sound like a good idea. Take this as an example; do you want to be stuck doing heavy lifting on a particularly hot day? Or trapped in a car on a frosty street? Timing is of the essence.

Don’t rush the unpacking process

Once you arrive, don’t try to unpack everything at once. Things might end up getting lost or broken if you try to find a place for everything right off the bat. Instead, unpack just the essentials as soon as you get the chance, like the kitchen appliances, the furniture, television and the beds, and over the course of the day, unpack some of the more homely items; photographs, rugs, things like that. That way, you can relax on your favourite chairs and have a few snacks in an environment that feels like home. It’s a great way to get settled.

Don’t leave everything unpacked for too long, though – if there’s something specific that someone wants, and it’s still buried in a box, it’s could make them antsy. Just in case, make sure you know where everything is.

Take in your surroundings

A good way to get settled is to go off and explore your new area. Check out the local parks, shopping centres and pubs to get a feel for where everything is. This also allows you to get to know the locals; your neighbours, local shop owners, that sort of thing. You could also go out for a meal to celebrate your successful move; this allows you to unwind, and get to know the new place at the same time.

Getting settled in is a very important thing to do, not just for you, but for your family. Leaving your old place is emotional, and by the same token, adjusting to a new, unfamiliar setting will be tough. By allowing everyone to unwind, you’re making sure everyone adjusts at their own pace – and that’s what’s most important…

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