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The Hidden Costs Of LE1 Removal Services

The Hidden Costs Of LE1 Removal Services

19 August 2014

When it comes to moving house, you will always find that the costs mount up to more than you had expected. The surprise can be quite a shocking one if you have never moved before, and even if you were expecting it, you will want to be saving money. This is why many are concerned as to how much their removals will cost, and with such a service you want to be able to budget for the price before the move, to ensure that you are covered from the outset. With this in mind, it is worth finding out about any hidden costs when it comes to your LE1 removal services, as this is the sort of thing that will come back and bite you ate the end of the move, making things a whole lot more difficult. This article focuses on the sorts of costs that can turn up after the move, that you had not bargained for, so that you can make the requisite arrangements to ensure that you will not suffer at their hands during your LE1 house removal.

The main thing to watch out for is small print. Every company differs, but some will have small print on their contracts which will bind you in to payments in situations that you would not have expected to shell out for. With this in mind, read your contract carefully, and take time before you sign it, asking any questions that you may have. Make sure to ask the company about things that you do not understand, as well as running it past a friend, or anyone that you know who may have some legal expertise. You should ask on the phone when you are booking a company as to what kinds of extra charges may be incurred when you agree on the quote. You should let them know that you will not be paying more than the amount settled, and that they should let you know before hand of any potential extra costs. Get them to sign a waiver that announces that you will not be paying more if they agree, if they refuse then you know that you need to have a closer look at the contract! Such small print may mean that you have to pay extra if a box is over a certain weight, or if the van is too full, or for various other reasons, which if you know about, you can look out for.

Insurance is usually good friend when you are moving, but make sure you are aware of its terms for your move. Some companies refuse to insure boxes or items that they have not packed themselves, which makes sense, as otherwise you could claim on an item that was broken before you ‘packed’ it. It also means that you have to pay for a packing service in order to cover your items however, which can be expensive. Either way, make sure that you are fully aware of the kinds of costs that you should be paying, and when you are and are not covered. These sorts of extra costs are easy to recognize if you know about them, but as many don’t they certainly qualify as ‘hidden’.

The main thing you need to do in order to avoid these sorts of extra costs, is to just be extra diligent with your reading and researching. It never hurts to ask questions, but it will hurt when you have to shell out another £100 after your LE1 removal if you don’t!

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