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One of the first things you’ll be considering when moving home is what kind of removal company to hire. There are many services available, from fully fledged national removal companies that offer packing and storage services, to smaller local ones, to the humble man in a van. All of these can make your moving process a lot simpler, but how can you get the best price?

Comparing quotes is a great way of getting an idea of what companies generally charge for the kind of service you require, so it makes sense to get a few quotes before you make any decisions. There are a few things to bear in mind before you start contacting any companies though, which will make it easier to identify the right removal service for you.

Firstly, think about what kind of LE3 relocation you are doing. Are you moving from one area of a city to the other, or is your move long distance? Are you moving to a smaller or larger property? How much space do you think you will need, and do you need professional packers or are you planning to pack yourself?

Once you are confident in what will be needed, you can start thinking about the best options. It’s worth noting that generally, for a smaller or inner city move, you might be better off with LE3 man and van services or smaller flexible companies. This is because your move should not take longer than a day, and you may well get everything relocated in a few hours, which means you will be losing money by paying the rates of a removal company, as they will mostly charge a flat rate for the whole day. This can be equally true if you only have a small amount of goods that need moving.

Alternatively, if you have a very long distance move out of the LE3 area, perhaps to another part of the country, then you will probably get best value for money with a larger removals company. You might for example, need storage services, which can be included with your quote, and save you money in the long run.

Once you have at least 3 or 4 companies in mind, then it’s best to call around and get some estimates. While you can do this online, talking to a company directly has some advantages. Firstly, you can relay any special instructions or requirements you might have directly, which may or may not affect your quote. Secondly, the ‘personal’ touch can go a long way, and if you have spoken to your company directly you might get a more personalised service.

Once you have your quotes, it’s a simple case of taking the one that is the best value for money – this doesn’t always mean the cheapest. Sometimes you might have to pay a bit extra to get everything you want, but the peace of mind when moving is worth a little extra cost. Do be aware that there are unfortunately some unsavoury companies in LE3 and nationally, and while in the minority, can be a very costly mistake if you book them. You can generally spot these companies straight away as a common trick is to give you a very low estimate and then change it during your move. If you have any reservations then check a company is registered with the British Association of Removers, which ensures a company is professional, reliable, and accountable to the body for any malpractice.

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When me and my family decided to move abroad we expected the worst when it came to shipping and freight costs. However, with the help of LeicesterRemovals our move was more stress-free than we could ever have hoped for. They took care of...    
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